Bo_HeadshotwBorder_500wBo began his artistic endeavors with epic landscapes of monster attacks and stick figure wars. As he got older, his subject matter expanded to cartoons of Barney the dinosaur as prey, and super heroes.

His early dreams of being a professional comic book artist were replaced by his love of film as he grew older, but he kept his artistic aspirations focused through endless doodles in his high school and college notebooks. Post college, he rediscovered his love of art, first experimenting with mixed media collages combining magazine images and pencil sketching. After an inspirational art-cursion with friends, Bo ventured into painting, and then watercolor. While acrylic paints remain his medium of choice, he still dabbles in various styles and art forms to remain a dynamic artist.

His subject matter is drawn from all of his loves: movies, music, comics, travel, and his admittedly weird imagination. The tones of the pieces range from humorous and whimsical to dark and melancholy—sometimes a combination of all.



All pieces shown on the site are created by Bo (unless otherwise stated) and copyrighted.  Listed prices do not include cost of shipping.  If prices are not listed, please reach out to Bo to inquire.

Prints are available for certain pieces.  Please reach out if interested in ordering any.